Which Is the Best Option M.Sc (I.T) or B.Tech (I.T)?

Which Is the Best Option M.Sc (I.T) or B.Tech (I.T)?

A sector of Information Technology has an important place in the modern society or technology. It produces so many developed applications. It is a technical world of professionalism. It provides learning, skills and knowledge to develop professionals of high standard. There are several courses in this field, among them we will discuss on M.sc (I.T) and B.tech (I.T).

M.sc (I.T) is a course of 2 years which endows practical and theoretical knowledge covering all the concepts of Information Technology. All the subject matter of this course is designed in such a way that it is convenient to student for having command on the conception of Information Technology. It is according to our new and updated technology and society. After passing this course student can take admission in the second year of MCA. The value of this degree is at par and it is gaining its recognition in every corner of the world.

B.tech (I.T) is a course of 4 years, which deals with both software and hardware theories and applications. It covers all the concepts with respect to engineering in Information technology.

It provides technical training to the students covering the applications like embedded systems, Chip/VLSI Design and network system security etc. It provides a lot of career opportunities to earn a large amount of money. It prepares the student to attain the high level of expertise. It prepares the student in such a way that he or she can accept any challenge of technological world.

Comparison between M.sc (I.T) and B.tech (I.T)

Level of Degree
The student who has passed Master of Science in Information Technology is considered to be post-graduate on the other hand the student who has passed engineering in I.T is considered to be graduate. The level of qualification of Master of Science in Information Technology is high if compared to the qualification of engineering in I.T.

Type of degree
If the degree of engineering in I.T is concerned, then it is a professional degree which is totally concerned with technical applications and is job oriented. On the other hand, the degree of Master of Science in Information Technology is academic which lays emphasis on both theoretical and practical knowledge.

For getting admission in engineering in I.T a student should pass the 10+2 examination with PCM (Physics, chemistry, Mathematics) on the other hand, any graduate is eligible for the course of Master of Science in Information Technology. The duration of B.Tech (I.T) is 4 years while the duration of the Master of Science in Information Technology is 2 years.

The syllabuses of these two courses are similar. Both lay emphasis on the concepts of I.T but the difference is M.sc (I.T) covers up theoretical as well as practical topics while B.tech (I.T) concentrates on only practical training as per the demands of companies or industries.