Beyonce Fashion Ego Boost?

Almost everybody in the world seems to know about Beyonce Knowles. The larger-than-life star has been a fixture in popular music and hip-hop since the 1990’s when she first burst onto the scene as part of the girl-group Destiny’s Child. Since then, Beyonce has taken the world of entertainment and media by storm. She burst out from Destiny’s Child with her own solo career. She has since released several successful solo albums. She has collaborated with many other prolific musical artists to record many amazing songs. She has branched out in her career, writing and producing music, working on and starring in films, and often collaborating with her husband of three years, rapper and music mogul, Jay-Z. While she is doing all of the millions of things that make up her unique day job, she has also managed to make quite an impression on the world of fashion design. The beautiful Beyonce is now thought of by many as a fashion queen, and an inspiration to curvy women with full hips, busts and thighs everywhere. Here is a closer look at some examples of her iconic style.

Street Style: As one of the worlds most recognizable women, Beyonce gets photographed practically everywhere she goes. Whether she is walking the streets of Houston, Texas, her home city, at a New York Knick’s game with her husband, or leaving a Parisian hotel, she always looks great no matter how casual. She has been photographed in cutoff-denim shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops, in one-piece jumpsuits and heels, and in chic, businesswoman-type dresses and suits. One of her classic street looks is a pair of tight, skinny jeans with suspenders over a button-up flannel shirt tucked in. She also rocks bright-white, skin-tight jeans a lot. White jeans are sometimes a questionable fashion choice, but any fashion design student would agree that Beyonce pulls it off in a sexy, daring way.

Red Carpet Style: Aside from the slew of paparazzi style documentation, Beyonce has been photographed on countless red carpets over the years. Every time, her dazzling evening-wear turns heads. At the 2010 Grammy Awards, Beyonce showed up in a detailed, embroidered, tan-colored dress by Stephane Rolland. The dress was glamorous and classy, but also had an edge to it because of a visible zipper down the front of the dress. In general, Beyonce is known for her classic figure-hugging, floor-length gowns that hug her body often until they fishtail out at the bottom. This style is very feminine and reminiscent of a mermaid.

Costume Style: It seems like every time Beyonce releases a new music video, she graces her viewers with an innovative contribution to costume design. Most recently, in the videos from tracks off of her 2008 album I Am…Sasha Fierce she performs in many variations of scintillating, form-fitting leotards. The look is simple and sophisticated. It shows off her incredible, toned body without coming off as skimpy or slutty, and mostly it directs the viewer’s focus to her intricate dance moves, and her role as a dancer and performing artists overall.

It seems like whatever Beyonce does, she does it fabulously. Her incredible, self-taught sense of style is indicative of her talent, soul and individuality. She has even co-designed her own fashion line with her mother, Tina Knowles called the House of Dereon in order to share her gift with other young women who admire her fashion sense. From fashion design schools to elementary schools, Beyonce is surely an influential force to be reckoned with.