Do You Know Who Makes These “DUI Profits”

Do You Know Who Makes These “DUI Profits”

You will not believe how many people are involved in profiting from your DUI case! DUI lawyers are for rich people, they think. A DUI Lawyer is known to be able to aid the consumer in their attempt to beat a DUI charge. This article will explore who gets paid, how much and how to get help for your DUI case/s.

DUI lawyers are experts in finding holes in government cases and using them to get the case dismissed or at least make the government realize their case is weak and offer you an attractive deal. DUI arrests that lead to criminal convictions can have a lifetime of reoccurring or isolated consequences that can be devastating to the offender, including loss of job opportunities, disqualification for public office, restrictions on travel to other countries, disqualification for certain positions, loss of college scholarships, being turned down for professional schools, loss of acting as a sports or athletic volunteer for a youth or church group, embarrassment in social or business matters that could result in either termination of employment or scuttling valued relationships. DUI trial attorneys will often handle a lot of appeals per year of their practice. This is how they get ( DUI profits.

Defense lawyers should challenge the subjective nature of the evaluations, the accuracy of the principles behind the tests, the accuracy of the administration of the tests, the credibility of the officer who “requested” the tests, and challenge all circumstances connected with the evaluations. A court appointed lawyer will profit through the courts per case. This is how they get DUI profits.

Police officers making dui arrests are often trained to note the following “symptoms of intoxication” within their report. Police officers designed the DWI, DUI sobriety tests. Police use these Field Sobriety tests against you in court to show that you were impaired to drive. Police officers are often promoted and given favorable duty based on their “track record” in arresting and prosecuting drunken drivers. This is how they get DUI profits.

Legal aid help for a DUI case can cost as much as $10,000. Legal help for a DUI gets far more expensive if your drinking and driving led to someone’s injury. This is how the Legal aid reps get DUI profits.

Driving under the influence can have serious consequences on you if you are involved in a car accident and criminal penalties become more severe in cases of multiple DUI convictions, ranging from mandatory county jail time to multi-year sentences to state prison.

According to California DUI Lawyers and California Drunk Driving Laws you have 10 days to have your attorney file an extension to avoid suspended driver’s license consequences, jail, fines, community service, and all other penalties that can differ, depending upon where the arrest took place.

Did you know DUI trial preparations require more time than processing guilty pleas? The trials history, and many other important pieces of information can make the difference between you being convicted of DUI or having your charges reduced to much lesser counts. Quick trials for such “pleader” attorneys are out of the question. Which means more time is more money.

Field sobriety tests have been around as long as dui laws have been enforced and these tests were limited only by the officer’s creative imagination. Breath machines are susceptible to so many problems, this renders them often unreliable.

Drunk driving, DWI and all these issues just mentioned are so common in our every day life, which should tell us something about the extent and familiarity of this growing problems and the profits being made from them.