Tradesmen In New Zealand And Consumer Rights

Tradesmen In New Zealand And Consumer Rights

Finding a Tradesmen In New Zealand is quite easy, but you will first need to know your legal rights as a N.Z consumer.When Looking for a Tradespeople N.Z there are many resources you can choose from. If you are unfamiliar with your rights as a consumer then doing a little research on the legalities is a good place to start.

Ministry Of Consumer Affairs

There are a few things you need to know about New Zealand Trade Laws and a good place to start your research is New Zealand Ministry of Consumer Affairs, they have all the information you need concerning your rights. On the site simply Enter the trade person you require and you will be able to find out all you need to know about hiring That person, and your legal rights as a consumer. Below is the information they provide:

CGA – A Guide for Tradespeople and Service Providers.

Consumer Guarantees Act – A guide for Tradespeople and service providers.

Services covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Goods covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act.

This should be all information you need to know concerning your rights as a consumer there is a wealth of information on this site created by the New Zealand Government. This is where one should start, the legality side of it then you be well prepared before hiring anyone.

Searching Online:

My trader is another good site that will let you browse through their directory for Free to search for Tradespeople. They also allow you to look through the reviews that consumers have written about their experiences with previous Tradespeople. Another site is called Master Trade which offers the same features with a huge directory of Tradespeople to choose from.

Certified – Qualified

Always make sure the Tradesman is a Certified N.Z Tradesman.You may find that some builders are masters at their trade and have been doing it for years. But if they are not qualified buy getting qualifications either through doing an apprenticeship or certified courses this means they are not under N.Z Trade Laws and may cause you problems in the long term.

Previous Work

You are now able to search online to see weather they are Qualified licensed building practitioner. The Certified Builders Association of New Zealand (CBANZ) Which up holds all N.Z Trade Laws in which only Qualified and Certified Tradespeople are Registered. Before they do any work always make sure to check their,Back Ground (Previous Work Experience) Current Qualifications, And weather Registered with the CBANZ.


Asking for an estimate means that he will give you a price on what he or she thinks it may cost. At the end of the day. When the Job is completed the actual cost may differ, but to be fair the price should only be a little over the estimation price that was discussed.


On the other hand a Quote is a Set Price that a he will give you when the job is done or completed, including labor and materials. If you choose to agree with that Quote then he cannot charge you more then the agreed price, to be on the safe side it is best to get the Quote written on paper.

There is plenty of information Online, or in your local Directory, even word of mouth. It’s always good to do your research before hiring tradespeople weather in New Zealand or abroad, it may save you a lot of money down the road when it comes to that final Bill.